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Ultimate Sustainability

Leading the way in commercial audio visual green initiatives and sustainability.

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When choosing a commercial AV partner, it’s important to work with a company that is just as committed to being “green” as you are.

By joining a project early in its lifespan, UTG can help ensure that sustainable efforts are being made from the very beginning.

Here are just some of the ways that we incorporate sustainability into our commercial audio visual projects:

Single Interface Controls

With centralized control over all of your AV solutions within an environment, energy output can be controlled more easily. UTG integrates the control of your AV with other building systems, like your HVAC system and electrical systems, for maximum reduction in energy consumption.

Room Sensors

By incorporating sensors that can detect when people enter or leave a room, we can automatically control window shades, lighting and power delivered to equipment in any given room to further help reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Reducing Corrugate

Many AV companies will ship hardware directly to the customer. At UTG, we ship to our warehouse, unbox all of the items (every little piece is usually wrapped in corrugate) and then we recycle the material and repackage in a secure, environmentally-safe way.

Hybrid Technology

With the increased amount of work-from-home or hybrid work staff, UTG fully supports the out-of-office worker, whose reduced daily transportation has a positive impact on sustainability, with the best virtual collaboration technology.

Virtual Reality

When you implement VR and AR technology into your corporation, you can create interactive meetings and full-scale training sessions to be accessed almost anywhere. Out-of-office staff will appreciate the convenience and will drastically reduce their carbon footprints by eliminating the need for business travel.

Remote Monitoring

Our real-time monitoring allows us to get instant notifications of any issues with your AV equipment and the ability to troubleshoot most issues remotely right on the spot, even before they have a chance to negatively affect your operations.

Ultimate Sustainability Customer Examples:

Ultimate Sustainability Customer Examples:

Designed supply chain to reduce customer corrugate waste by 83% and onsite install time by 59%

Leverages low consumption technology such as low-voltage lighting and power of ethernet (POE)

Robust data collection on space and utility usage to identify improvement opportunities

Continuous improvement program focused on quality, consumption and cost improvement

Cross System Integration – systems typically isolated (Electrical, HVAC, AV, IT) programmed to integrate to reduce consumption (e.g. position of sun drives smart blinds, lighting and HVAC)

Sensors leverage motion, video, sonar and infrared to power down devices when not in use

Remote monitoring, remote repair and self healing programmed devices reduces van trips by 80%

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