Using Zoom & Teams to Maximize Communication in the Hybrid Workforce

Responding to the Hybrid Workforce Demands


Assessing Our Technology to Support Hybrid Employees

In 2020, we were all forced to adapt to remote work – whether we were ready or not. Now, it’s time to refine.

When most every office employee was forced into a remote working environment, we had to roll out technology to support it. Most of us weren’t ready which required snap decisions and resulted in inconsistencies or performance issues. As employees start to return to the office, but often remain in a hybrid office/home environment, it’s important that we now assess any shortcomings in the initial rollout of remote conferencing software.

Teams Vs. Zoom

Among other options, Microsoft Teams & Zoom are at the top of the list in solving our hybrid workforce conferencing demands. So which one is right for you?

When choosing a provider, there are a lot of things to consider. One of those things is consistency. We often see a certain product used on one side of the business, and another on the opposite side. Choosing a singular solution is important to developing consistency within the organization and streamlining efficiency. So which one should you choose? Well, there’s no single right answer across the board. At Ultimate Technologies Group, we’ll assess every aspect of your business and provide you with a brand neutral solution. In other words, if you consult with Zoom, they’ll recommend Zoom. Microsoft will recommend Teams. We’ll give you a non-bias, well-informed recommendation.

Why Consult With a Commercial AV Partner?

Why removing bias from your AV decisions is absolutely vital.

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We’re the only AV company to offer a 4-hour service guarantee when it requires on-site support. And that’s just a part of our full-service reactive and proactive approach to service. We are a global commercial AV provider offering design, install and service. That means we’re there for you before, during and after your AV projects and will spend the extra time to get to know your business, its requirements, its goals – and then provide the best solution possible specific to those needs.

“The commitment by Will and his team to our success is second to none. What they bring to the table is their flexibility and their partnership, and they truly listen to you.”

Jose Martinez, OneAmerica CIO

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Our Global AV Integrator Solutions

Conference Room Technology →

Our audio-visual experts will design a conference room system with the best technology that works for you.

Training Room AV →

Tap into the power of active learning in corporate training rooms powered by innovative AV design and installation.

Meeting Room AV →

See how Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms are improving collaboration in the new hybrid workforce environment.

Video Walls & Collaboration Displays →

Video walls are a sophisticated and flexible solution that provide a creative way to display important information.

AV Conferencing →

We’ll solve the number one complaint about AV – that the microphone and speaker quality are poor and “I can’t hear.”

Digital Signage →

Wayfinding and digital signage help communicate events, alerts, directions, and branding.

Sound Mitigation & White Noise →

Sound masking technology leads to greater productivity plus increased privacy and comfort. Works in all settings.

AV Managed Service Provider →

Ultimate Technologies Group has a comprehensive and robust service plan that ranges from proactive to reactive solutions.

AV Financing (AVaaS) →

AVaaS means your business pays a low fixed monthly cost for AV, instead of high capital expenditure at the time of installation.

Global AV Managed Service Provider

Yes, we execute AV projects, but why not let us manage your enterprise AV infrastructure?

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We helped Hyatt bring update their conference room, pool area and conference rooms with our latest technology.

45 Second Tour →

Genesys uses UTG to bring more visibility for large conferences and meetings with their 2×2 video wall, among other solutions.

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The MultiTaction display we installed at Toyota Forklift creates an interactive experience for anyone who touches it.

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