Crestron has launched an initiative aimed at assisting organizations in evaluating their progress in implementing hybrid work.

As part of this effort, they are introducing the Modern Work Readiness Score, a tool designed to measure an organization’s readiness for modern work practices.

Additionally, Crestron has published a new whitepaper that delves into the evolving nature of modern work and provides insights on enhancing companies’ approaches in this area.

But how does it all work, and what does it mean?

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Crestron's Newest Modern Work Recommendations

Recent News and Releases

Following the recent conclusion of InfoComm 2023, Crestron has introduced a range of innovative products tailored for hybrid work environments.

Among these offerings are the Crestron Desk Q and Crestron Desk Touch, which enable convenient scheduling of desk spaces, as well as the Crestron Flex Pods, providing wireless audio solutions for tabletop setups.

Additionally, Crestron unveiled the all-in-one Crestron Videobar 70 to enhance video conferencing experiences.

In conjunction with these product launches, Crestron has presented the Modern Work Readiness Survey.

This survey serves as a comprehensive assessment tool that gathers valuable insights on various aspects of hybrid work implementation. It covers topics such as organizational policies, collaboration practices, proficiency in utilizing collaborative technologies, and other relevant factors that gauge the effectiveness of distributed work support.

Furthermore, Crestron has released an accompanying whitepaper titled “At the Tipping Point: How Modern Work is Going Mainstream and Why Companies Need to Be Ready.” This insightful document provides valuable guidance on the necessary steps companies must take to prepare themselves for the widespread adoption of hybrid work practices.

The Crestron document delves into the transformative events of the past three years, highlighting how the COVID-19 pandemic compelled organizations to reevaluate their workplace strategies.

It chronicles the initial shift to remote work during the pandemic and the subsequent transition to hybrid work as offices gradually reopened with a more flexible approach. This evolving landscape prompted companies to adopt novel perspectives and adapt their practices accordingly.

As per the insights provided in Crestron’s whitepaper, well-thought-out hybrid work policies are crucial for attracting and retaining talent in the current landscape, where hybrid and remote work have become permanent fixtures of modern work practices.

The whitepaper emphasizes the fundamental requirements of a modern workforce. These include the significance of fostering both in-person and virtual collaboration, ensuring professional-grade audio and video quality to facilitate equitable meetings, and offering the flexibility for employees to choose their workspace while maintaining productivity and inclusivity.

Brad Hintze, Crestron’s Vice President of Global Marketing, highlights the significance of scalability in the comprehensive strategy of every IT decision-maker, given the expanding array of workspaces encompassing both office and home environments. He emphasizes that solutions that are easy to implement on both local and global scales contribute to a seamless work environment and minimize friction.

Crestron's Newest Modern Work Recommendations

Crestron’s Hybrid Work and Modern Office Recommendations

Based on Crestron’s research of organizations that report high levels of preparedness for modern work, the whitepaper lays out several recommendations, paraphrased here:


  • A clear, unambiguous, and balanced workplace policy that prioritizes flexibility
  • Building social and cultural capital in the workplace while focusing on mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusivity
  • A compassionate leadership style

Workplace Design

  • A sustainable workplace with a design that supports mental wellbeing
  • A workplace design that fosters innovation through collaborative settings
  • Places for individual work in addition to open collaboration spaces
  • A workplace designed to create memorable interactions when employees come to the office


  • A range of video-enabled meeting rooms in different sizes that enable equitable meeting experiences for both in-office and remote workers
  • Apps and solutions designed to support the hybrid work model and help employees get the most out of the office when they come in
  • Using data on space utilization to make data-driven decisions about office changes and leveraging AI tools to help make office work more seamless


Every business is different, and every plan will be executed differently.

However, just because every business is different, that doesn’t mean a blueprint can’t help. By following Crestron’s steps, the steps from previous blog posts, and the advice of your reputable AV integrator (like UTG!), you should be well on your way to hybrid work preparedness.

If you plan and stay intentional about your implementation, the results will show faster than you know.

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