At Ultimate Technologies Group, we design, deploy, monitor and service the technology that enables the people of your organization to communicate and collaborate across multiple locations and globally.

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Our Global Scale

Through our partnerships, we have the ability to design, install and service projects almost anywhere in the world. Through our partnerships, we have the ability to install and service in over 132 countries.

When it comes to service, there is nobody better. Our first line is proactive monitoring and control system which allows us to know and fix issues before the customer experiences it. We also have a robust Customer Care Center that addresses more serious issue. Employees of the customer can call our Customer Care Center Directly. We fix the issue rapidly according to SLA’s, but also log the call and report to the Customer. Third, we offer onsite full-time technicians for larger sites, freeing up your IT staff from dealing with AV issues. Finally, we have traditional technicians we can deploy to almost anywhere in the world to fix more serious issues.

The benefits of partnering with UTG on a multi-location and global basis are:

  1. Scale – reduce your cost by up to 40% by negotiating price at the enterprise level
  2. Consistency in user experience – whether an employee walks into a conference room in the U.S. or the U.K., they will experience the same touch panel and instructions on how to use the equipment.
  3. Remote support and customer care center usage – Rather than your IT department getting bogged down with AV requests, allow us to help your employees through our Direct Support model.
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One specialty at UTG is partnering with multi-location and global companies and deploying our 8-step model:

We helped Hyatt bring update their conference room, pool area and conference rooms with our latest technology.

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Genesys uses UTG to bring more visibility for large conferences and meetings with their 2×2 video wall, among other solutions.

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The MultiTaction display we installed at Toyota Forklift creates an interactive experience for anyone who touches it.

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“The commitment by Will and his team to our success is second to none. What they bring to the table is their flexibility and their partnership, and they truly listen to you.”

-Jose Martinez, OneAmerica CIO

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