global collaboration technology

At Ultimate Technologies Group, we design, deploy, monitor and service the technology that enables the people of your organization to communicate and collaborate across multiple locations and globally.

Some companies upgrade one conference room at a time when a major piece of equipment fails. They pay top dollar because there is no bulk purchase. Each conference room is different across all locations of the enterprise, driving employees and executives crazy.

There is another option. Audio-Visual as a Service (AVaaS). It is a known fact that conference room technology is outdated within 3-5 years, and has a similar performance life. With AVaaS, we work with you to standardize your conference room technology offerings across all your global locations. We deploy the solutions on a predetermined schedule that works for you. There are options to lease the equipment to avoid the hefty up-front investment and make it an operating expense instead of capital. We will then monitor your rooms remotely to proactively repair anything that fails before you notice. Your people will call us directly if they have an issue. We will provide all the services needed for the life of the lease (or purchase period if you don’t lease).

We will do this across all your locations, saving you large amounts of money (up to 40%) due to scale, and improving the user experience significantly by making it consistent.

we redefine how enterprise teams work together with aV AS A Service

Our 8-Step Model Helps Drive Performance, Fuel Collaboration, and Simplify How Teams Work Together.

Global Assessment

Our team will assess your needs through an inventory of current state practices and technology assets.

Design & Standards

We guide your transition to global standards, driving price advantages and collaboration.


Track, preventatively maintain, and replace assets on a scheduled basis (versus failure or obsolescence).


Program, install and manage projects.


We track, preventatively maintain, and replace assets on a scheduled basis, eliminating failure or obsolescence.


With remote access, we monitor and decrease time to service and provide on-site staff for larger locations. Covers PM’s, RMA processing and escalated service needs.


We provide AVaaS (AV as a Service) and leasing options to provide maximum financial flexibility.


Formal planning and process for eliminating waste and reducing cost.