Over the last few years, video conferencing has grown in popularity. The average internet bandwidth has increased for most businesses. That has led to some businesses using video conferencing sessions to take the place of voice calls. Increasing business travel costs are another variable that has led to the growth in popularity of video conferencing. Video conferencing allows multiple participants to enjoy the session with the same reliability and quality of voice calls without the buffering issues.

In general, video conferencing is seen as an efficient way of completing tasks. Businesses can solve customer support issues and interact with customers in real time. Users can chat through texts, exchange files, and communicate through digital white boards. With that being said, here is a look at the top video conferencing providers currently on the market.


RingCentral consistently adds new features that help make it appealing to different businesses. RingCentral offers users custom features and integration capabilities. RingCentral has all of The Private Branch Exchange functions, unlimited conference calling, and mobile compatibility. The service also includes Microsoft Office integration, call logging and team collaboration tools.

RingCentral is a hosted Session Initiation Protocol provider. Users must have SIP Phones on hand in order to use the service. RingCentral is compatible with PolyCom, Cisco, and Yealink. RingCentral can also integrate some PBX Systems through an Analog Telephone Adapter. RingCentral also offers a visual IVR editor to give businesses a visual representation of the call routing and menu options. Heading into the upcoming year, RingCentral is creating a single interface for users to manage customer interactions.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect allows businesses to create sessions and webinars. Presenters have the ability to let participants use their webcams. Hosts can control access to the meeting by allowing only accepted guests to join. To enhance the audio, you can use Adobe Connect’s built in VoIP Program. Hosts can customize the meeting by adding pods and laying out the space to their liking. Adobe Connect is compatible with Mac, Linux, and PC operating systems.


GoToMeeting offers 3 different software packages. GoToMeeting has a Google calendar plug in and Microsoft Outlook compatibility. One of the system’s top features is a personal meeting room that allows users to set recurring meetings. Users can choose the Meet Now Option, which allows them to start the meeting without scheduling it. GoToMeeting offers video conferencing through its HD Faces feature. The system supports French, Chinese, Italian, German, and Spanish. GoToMeeting recently added a Call Me feature, which allows the system to call some users when it is time for a previously scheduled meeting. Users can join calls without having to enter a lot of information. The One Click Meeting feature allows users to launch a meeting through a 3rd party app.

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