1. Is the Cloud Right for Your Business?

    Cloud storage is far from a new technology, but even with companies devoted to providing quality service, there's still consideration to have for whether or not you should move your commercial storage to an in-house server or onto the cloud. Accessibility Cloud accessibility can be perfect for freelancers, or anyone that has to work on the move, to simply keep moving without worrying about what fi…Read More

  2. Ways in Which Automated Window Treatments Can Lower Your Heating and Cooling Bills

    Automated window treatments can significantly reduce energy loss, lower cooling and heating bills and improve office comfort. Most of the heating energy escapes through windows and during the cooling seasons, sunlight enters your home to become heat. Most types of automated window treatments will lead to energy savings, but it will depend on the climate, the season and the way in which office user…Read More

  3. How to Effectively Use Digital Signage as Your Electronic Billboards to The World

    Traditional billboards are no longer the only option for advertising along roadways. Digital signs are now common as well, opening a large number of new possibilities for companies wishing to advertise their products and services. Using the right techniques for digital signage will help ensure a successful advertising campaign. All Text Should Be Legible This principle has not changed from traditi…Read More

  4. Is your office too loud?

    How do you know if you have a noise level problem in your workplace? If it isn't obvious, some of the other warning signs include having to shout in order to be heard by a co-worker who is just an arm's length away or you have temporary hearing loss or humming or ringing in your ears when you leave your place of business. The Decibel (dB) Scale and the Noise Level Chart Noise is measured in units …Read More

  5. Which video conferencing provider is good for your business?

    Over the last few years, video conferencing has grown in popularity. The average internet bandwidth has increased for most businesses. That has led to some businesses using video conferencing sessions to take the place of voice calls. Increasing business travel costs are another variable that has led to the growth in popularity of video conferencing. Video conferencing allows multiple participants…Read More

  6. Combine Onsite Support and Remote Monitoring For Greater Cost Savings

    Protecting your financial investment in your company’s computer systems means maintaining it’s software and hardware. Keeping up with security patches and upgrades can be time consuming and confusing. Even with relatively simple systems, making sure that each component operates smoothly with other components that may have different manufacturers requires time and experience. Rather than trying…Read More

  7. Ultimate Automation’s Acquisition of Electronic Evolutions Leads to Formation of Ultimate Technologies Group

    Innovative, service-oriented business merges with long-standing industry leader to create comprehensive technical solutions company (October 3, 2018 - Fishers, Ind.) –Fishers-based Ultimate Automation announces the acquisition of Electronic Evolutions to form Ultimate Technologies Group. The new entity will be headquartered in Ultimate Automation’s existing offices as well as expanding into th…Read More