The Yealink BH76 Bluetooth headset is a wireless device that boasts the latest audio features to give your voice and the voice of the person you are talking to a high level of clarity and vividness anywhere you are. Whether you are in the office or walking around town, the BH76 headset lets you hear and be heard clearly.

yealink bh76 headset

Professional Ole Wolff Diaphragm

One of the audio features of the BH76 Bluetooth wireless headset is the Ole Wolff diaphragm. This piece of tech is an industry-leading professional acoustic component that provides the user with a wider frequency response and higher sensitivity to music so everyone can enjoy the full sound and let the truest voices take then where they hear.

Hi-Fi Level Audio Codec APTX

Experience and play in the richest details with the BH76 Bluetooth wireless headset. The headset offers adopted Hi-Fi level audio codec aptX that delivers pure and delicate sound with less distortion, lower noise floor, and intricate details of high-quality music.

Intelligent Dynamic ANC

The BH76 headset comes with intelligent dynamic ANC with four modes called ANC level medium, ANC level high, and Ambient Sound. The fourth mode brings customizable noise cancellation adjustment in different environments for a more sustainable and comfortable active noise cancellation effect.

Innovative Acoustic Shield Technology

Be heard and understood with the BH76 headset. The Yealink Acoustic Shield technology ensures that the user has distraction-free audio quality in daily calling with a virtual shield created by multiple microphones to make sure that you are being heard clearly.

yealink bh76 bluetooth wireless headset

Noise Cancellation Microphones

Your words will never be lost or late with the BH76 headset. Specially tailored noise-cancellation microphones have been placed in the retractable Magic Boom. Together with beamforming, your messages will get across completely even in noisy environments with clear and crisp voice transferring.

Easy Charging and Long-Time Working

Available for QI wireless charging and bundled with a specially tailored UC Powerstation for daily powering, the BH76 supports up to 40 hours of battery efficiency. This covers one week’s working needs normally and accompanies you to work to the last minute without worrying about your battery.

yealink bh76 bluetooth wireless headset

Seamless UC Experience

The BH76 is UC certified, meaning it is universally compatible to work with common calling applications across almost all platforms and operating systems. The BH76 headset is ready for your business and professional communication from the moment you start with it.

yealink bh76 bluetooth wireless headset

Ultra-Wide Angle Visible Busylight

Defend your work and boost your productivity with the BH76 headset. The visible busylight in ultra-wide-angle, automatically activated by incoming calls or manually by pressing two volume buttons at the same time, is engineered to protect your working state and concentration from any interruptions by immersing you in your call, meeting, or other important conversation.

Retractable Hidden Microphone Arm

The BH76 headset lets you switch from office use to casual use in an instant with a contemporary casual design and a discretely hidden boom arm that still guarantees exceptional professional-sounding calls, even when tucked away. So even when you have to go from place to place, you’ll be the only one who knows you’re working.

yealink bh76 headset

Uncompromising Comfort

Ergonomics & human caring factors were taken into consideration for the BH76 headset. Biometric research of hundreds of heads and wearing styles were done to create a perfect headset fitting every size and shape, ensuring your comfort till the last minute even in long work sessions.

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