If you’ve been following virtual reality news since the early 2000s, you probably remember hearing how VR was expected to grow alongside the video game industry. This projection took a drastic turn when Facebook invested billions into Oculus VR. Within two years the virtual reality industry was seeing the growth that they would have expected over a ten-year period, solidifying the stance that VR is far more useful than what people originally believed.

Although complete VR integration is still a few years into the future, many businesses have begun to adopt different forms of VR for their workplace. This post will go over some ways that VR integration will positively change the workplace.

Increased Connection and Collaboration

Virtual reality allows employees to connect and collaborate no matter where they are in the world. Compared to high-end video conferencing products, VR allows the users to feel as though they are in the same space, resulting in greater collaborative efficiency. VR platforms also allow users to view and manipulate their work data in real-time. Some companies have gone ahead and installed mixed-reality rooms for their VR meetings and collaborative work sessions, and others have simply given their employees VR headsets that they can use while they are in the office or working remotely. VR technology has become intuitive and easily accessible, allowing employees across the world to connect and collaborate on projects.

how virtual reality will change the workplace

New HR Practices

Since VR connectivity is so effortless, there will be major changes to human resources. Workers will be accessed across the world, resulting in hiring practices expanding to make sure that talented employees are recruited. During an interview process, potential employees will be able to shadow their potential position so that they can still get a feel for the job. VR can also be used for interactive HR workshops so that employees can understand harassment or prejudice that can take place in the workplace.

Improved Training

VR gives employers the ability to put new employees in immersive real-life scenarios during their training. VR training can be especially useful for high-risk situations or positions, allowing employees to learn in a safe way. A great example of this is VR training in the military where new recruits can learn how to treat a PTSD patient and other forms of injury or illness. Shopping centers have even used VR to train employees for Black Friday rushes. No matter the industry, VR gives employees the opportunity for an immersive, engaging, and educational experience.

how virtual reality will change the workplace

More Efficient Product Development

Computer-generated environments create a space that allows product development to flourish like never before. VR allows employees to test products in many different situations. Since testing can be done virtually, businesses will no longer need to create expensive physical prototypes. While a product is in trial, changes can be made virtually and tested immediately, meaning that a final product can be produced faster than ever. Large manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz have already started using the Microsoft HoloLens 2 for their VR needs, and other manufacturers like Ford have begun using other products as well.

Improved Marketing Practices

VR brings a whole new meaning to “try before you buy.” The possibilities are endless. Want to tour a new office space? Or maybe you want to see a new AV set up before it’s installed? With VR, you can try both of these things and more with virtual tours and interactivity. You can even make your purchase virtually, saving you time and giving you peace of mind knowing you got to try all the products you could. The immersive experience that VR gives its user is incredibly impactful and memorable, and further adoption of VR in the workplace will only continue to grow.

how virtual reality will change the workplace

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