1. How to integrate your IT and building security for a safe workplace?

    Do you run a company or business that heavily relies on information technology as part of its bottom line? Does it have a sizable workforce that helps ensure that the lights keep going inside of your facilities? If so, you might want to consider talking to your security personnel and look into your organization's security practices in relation to the IT systems housed in your buildings. Company se…Read More

  2. Preparing a Business for a Natural Disaster

    One of the frequently overlooked yet more important aspects of business operation is preparedness for a natural disaster. Natural disasters can cause a wide array of damage ranging from destroyed buildings to localized power outages. Although a natural disaster can affect any part of a business to any extent, preparation can help core operations recover quickly. In particular, both clients and int…Read More

  3. Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

    While most businesses understand they must integrate technology into their daily operations, a healthy number of companies also include mobile apps into the mix. A mobile presence is for some, a requirement, at least from a customer’s perspective. Restaurants are a prime example of the usefulness of a mobile app. App user receives pings or alerts as they drive by a restaurant using beacon techno…Read More

  4. Thinking about offering telecommuting?

    No longer a non-traditional employment environment, businesses nation-wide often offer telecommuting in some way or fashion. Although it can serve both the needs of employees and employers, a work-from-home policy requires several steps be taken prior to its implementation. Following these steps can better ensure such goals as productivity, profit, and security are consistently met. Time clocks Em…Read More

  5. Which is better for Your Business: Wi-Fi, Ethernet or a Hybrid Network?

    In 2018, most business owners choose to manage their office networks over Wi-Fi networks, particularly if they run smaller companies. Not many firms that provide IT services to business clients suggest the option of a wired Ethernet network or even a hybrid installation; the reason behind this practice is that network technicians know that few clients will ask for wired connections unless they are…Read More

  6. Is the Cloud Right For Your Business?

    The introduction of cloud data storage inevitably resulted in the question of whether shifting to cloud computing was an excellent idea. Back when cloud computing was a new idea, most business owners had a lot of legitimate questions and few answers that provided enough guidance for making informed decisions. Currently, things are different making it easier to determine whether cloud computing is …Read More

  7. How to Effectively Prepare For Migrating Your Servers and IT Infrastructure to the Cloud?

    Are you looking to migrate to the cloud? If yes, then you need to ensure that the process is smooth and safe. Here is how to adequately prepare for migrating your servers and IT infrastructure to the cloud. Picking the Right Cloud Provider There are numerous options when it comes to choosing cloud services. Selecting the ideal one for your business relies on multiple factors. If you have a provide…Read More

  8. How Much Space do You Need in the Cloud?

    Online cloud storage choices grow daily, and for good reason. The Cloud is safe, easy to use, and meets most of the requirements of an online data storage solution. How much cloud space you’ll need depends on your budget and a real need for added space. Consumers rarely need more than 1TB (terabyte) of space unless a definite need for more exists. Perhaps photo storage or large downloads not eas…Read More

  9. 5 Ways to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

    Ransomware is a significant threat to businesses of any size, and it is essential to understand the best way to keep your organization safe and secure at all times. Ransomware can devastate any business, but following these simple safety guidelines can give your company much-needed protection from these malicious threats. Interested in learning more about ransomware attacks? Here are the top five …Read More

  10. What are the true cost savings of cloud storage for your business?

    Cloud storage provides efficiency, new product features, and the emergence of new service models for business. Nevertheless, the most significant benefit that cloud storage offers businesses is cost savings. Many factors come together to determine the amount of cost that you can save. These factors include the size of your business, the requirements that you have and the current process that you n…Read More