Does your company have an up to date security policy to protect your network and data from potential cyber-attacks and other risks? Have you considered the type of security measures you have in place? An up to date security policy will help you and your company to effectively protect your information while ensuring that you do not end up a victim.

Here are some of the benefits of having an up to date security plan both physically and via information technology operations.

Improves Data Management

Data is one of the essential assets that a firm holds; it is vital to protect and use it in a transparent and legal manner. All organizations need to evaluate their information management process to determine if they are up to date or if they require some changes.

For example, your company needs to put into consideration the type of personal information held, where it is stored, its origin, use, and the length of storage. You will also need to identify and remove any information that no longer provides value to your organization and minimize the risks of data damage should a data breach occur.

Enhances Company Security

The GDPR requires all organizations to identify their security plans and adopt adequate technical, physical and administrative measures to protect both employee and client’s data. Up to date security plan ensures the integrity and protection of specific types of information that travel across the company’s network and leave the rest of the information technology environment out of scope.

Demonstrates to Your Clients That Security is Essential to You

Reviewing your security plans both physically and through information technology operations will help you boost client loyalty and trust. Since most consumers are currently becoming more suspicious about how their information is used, the responsibility and transparency you demonstrate will enhance trust in your company and the brand. Thus, your company can use the up to date security plan to underline that it does care about the privacy of the current and prospective clients.

Provides a Positive Organizational Change

Up to date security plan is an excellent opportunity for organizational change. It also enables your company to demonstrate higher levels of accountability, transparency, and responsibility in how it stores and uses personal data. The level of concern and awareness around information security has never been excellent. Currently, consumers are all aware of how their data can be abused when in the wrong hands.

This means that all firms need to demonstrate that they are doing all the best to protect personal data and ensure excellent information governance. If your organization can demonstrate to its customers how serious it takes data privacy through up to date information technology operations and security plans. Then it can result in excellent levels of transparency and trust in creating a positive organizational change and an opportunity for a competitive advantage.

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