audio-visual services

We want to understand how you currently use technology and identify pain points that are causing meetings to start late, making communication and collaboration difficult.  Once we understand, we can help by putting together a plan to drastically improve your experience. 


AV As A Service (Avaas)

Control what you pay.  AVaaS (AV as a Service) is a newer model for paying for and managing all of your audio-visual service and equipment needs.  It means your business pays a low fixed monthly cost for AV, instead of high capital expenditure at the time of installation. 


Conference Room Scheduling

Avoid the awkward “double-booked” conference room.  Allow employees to maximize meeting start times by knowing what rooms are available and when via wall mount displays, online displays, and intuitive Apps all impacting efficiencies.


Video & Audio Conferencing

What did they say? The number one complaint about audio-video is that the microphone and speaker quality are poor and “I can’t hear.” This is especially true for those who are not in the room.  They hear papers shuffling, whispers, laughing over what the presenter is saying.  Let UTG give your participants a consistently great audio and video experience.


Pro Audio

When you need the “go big or go home” audio experience. Large format spaces like auditoriums, movie theatres, and sports arenas require high-end, highly-reliable audio solutions. The expert engineers at UTG understand how to design and deliver an exceptional experience.


Conference Room Technology

Perfect how you connect.  Whether building a new system or finding effective solutions to enhance your existing conferencing technology, our audio-visual experts will design a system that works for you. 


Video Walls & Touch Screens

Create a WOW experience. Whether you’re inside the busy and high-pressure hub of an operations center or in need of a creative way to display your information, video walls are a sophisticated and flexible solution that spans industries and needs.


Sound Mitigation & White Noise

Excuse me, say that again.  Sound masking technology leads to greater productivity plus increased privacy and comfort. From cubicles and exam rooms, to private rooms and lobbies, this “setting-agnostic” solution works in all settings. 


Digital Signage

Extend the footprint of your message.  Easy access to information is no longer “a perk.” It’s expected as 21st Century customer service.  Wayfinding and digital signage help communicate events, alerts, directions, and branding. 

We use innovative technology to create a cohesive and efficient business environment.

Create An engaging Environment

At Ultimate Technologies Group, we create environments for your clients, customers, and team to collaborate without barriers.

From the moment a client or your own employees walk into the office, they will be immersed in technology that enhances their experience. Customers in the boardroom will see innovation. Employee productivity will increase. Give the people in your office the right tools and you will see success.

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