Why Ultimate Technologies Group?

Performance Fueled by Technology

Ultimate Technologies Group exists to improve the performance of individuals and organizations through advanced audio-visual, information technology, and technology integration. We fuel collaboration, simplify the complex, and connect people around the globe to solve the world’s most sophisticated challenges.

  • Service is our differentiator. We guarantee a four hour response time for emergencies. We use remote monitoring to proactively diagnose and solve issues. You will always reach a live person when you reach out to us.
  • We can handle ALL your technology – in the past, a company building a new location would have to partner with many technology service providers. That’s not the case with Ultimate Technologies Group. We’ve got you covered with information technology, audio-visual and building controls. We then integrate all of this technology so it is easy to use from a central location or device.
  • We recruit the best talent and pay a premium, including ownership. This ensures that when you are interacting with an Ultimate Technologies Group employee, you will have a fabulous experience.
  • We only sell the highest-reliability and best performing products.
  • We support world vision to make an impact bigger than ourselves.