CleanBase Solutions help you achieve a new level of clean. Give your customers and employees greater peace of mind.

CleanBase Solutions help you achieve a new level of clean. Give your customers and employees greater peace of mind.

Customers, patients and employees are more concerned than ever before about the measures a business puts into place to assure a clean environment and a positive experience. Welcome to the “new normal,” where cleanliness and peace-of-mind are primary factors when considering where to shop, where to eat, where to be entertained, where to seek healthcare services, where to gather, or how to travel.


Electrostatic Spraying creates charged micro-particles that cleanse places where germs thrive and multiply. This cleaning solution creates a pristine baseline for implementing other cleansing initiatives.

✓ Boost your cleaning efforts with an aerosol approach
✓ Schedule a one-time or recurring service

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Antimicrobial LED lighting continuously creates on inhospitable environment for bacteria, fungi, yeast and mold to grow and spread on surfaces.

✓ Developed by LED experts to meet international standards for business use
✓ Provides continuous cleansing
✓ Mitigates germs and bacteria

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Scientifically developed coating solutions, including
Ti02 applications, which contain a novel compound that adheres to surfaces to address germs, bacteria and viruses.

✓ Treat a wide variety of coated surfaces up to 12 months
✓ Reduce cost and frequency of traditional cleaning
✓ Triggered by normal light waves and highly activated by LED and UV light

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Address the concerns of employees and customers with point-of-entry screening. Contactless temperature scanning, hand cleansing stations, and more to demonstrate your commitment to a healthier environment.

✓ Build trust and convenience with a fast, easy and non-intrusive experience
✓ Hand sanitization stations
✓ Branded content messaging solutions
✓ Preventative maintenance programs

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UV light that focuses on inactivating dangerous microbes by impairing their ability to reproduce.

✓ Help reduce bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and more
✓ Controlled and continuous solution options available
✓ Include a fully automated, full-spectrum UV light solution as well as a Far-UVC light solution that targets microorganisms during normal business hours.
✓ UV entrance portals
✓ UV air troffers for suspended and circulating germ and virus mitigation

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Senseware is a commercial-grade air quality monitoring solution. Through the use of more than a dozen sensors, Senseware monitors, measures and reports the levels of all pathogens within the cubic airspace of an area.

If a pre-determined level of a pathogen is detected, Sensewore will automatically send real-time alerts to notify key stakeholders and client personnel. This solution works hand-in-hand with other CleanBose Solutions to provide you with a multi-layered approach to your cleaning efforts.

✓ Easy to use
✓ Intuitive mobile-friendly interface for remote management
✓ Real-time & rule-based email and text alerts
✓ Automated report scheduling
✓ Secure and reliable technology

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CleanBase Solutions are designed for a wide range of applications.

Whether it’s mobile units, timer-controlled or continuous UV lighting solutions that can address germs, bacteria and viruses; LED lighting that cleanses high traffic areas; electrostatic cleaning solutions; Ti02 coating applications; or health monitoring systems, CleanBase Solutions will show your guests and your employees your commitment to their well-being.

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✓ Healthcare
✓ Restaurants
✓ Education
✓ Hospitality
✓ Child Care
✓ Transportation Hubs
✓ Retail
✓ Nursing Homes
✓ Cruise Ships
✓ Commercial Offices
✓ Entertainment Venues
✓ HVAC & Water Systems

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