InfoComm is the largest annual professional audiovisual trade show in North America. Historically, an in-person event, InfoComm 2020 was hosted virtually this year from June 16-18. And what better group of people to adapt to virtual conferencing than a bunch of AV professionals?

I am pleased to bring you, in Ultimate Technologies Group’s judgment, the top 10 new technology releases.


10. SafeClean Solutions
SafeClean is an array of technical products designed to kill COVID-19 and other viruses, bacteria and mold. Whether it’s mobile units, timer controlled, continuous or air sanitization UV lighting solutions that eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses; LED lighting that provides continuous sterilization in high traffic areas; electrochemically activated cleaning solutions; Ti02 coating applications; or health monitoring systems to ensure your guests and employees are well as they enter your business, Mood’s SafeClean Solutions create a safer environment and sense of well-being. Learn more here.

9. Crestron Flex R-SERIES
The new Crestron Flex R-Series is a mobile UC System that brings collaboration to wherever it’s needed most. Closing the distance between remote teams wherever they may be. Quickly. Easily. Cost-effectively. All that’s required is two cables: power and network. The R-Series supports Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, or BYOD conferencing. Some models also support both native and BYOD on the same system. All R-Series models include an intelligent camera with 150 degree field of view and up to a 20 foot mic range to ensure all are seen and heard.

8. Acoustical Surfaces – SoundBlox Acoustic Partitions
Create comfortable workspaces with modular acoustical panels set up in a variety of configurations. This not only creates an acoustically absorbent workspace, but also provides a barrier between office mates in case one team member is ill. SoundBlox partitions are expandable by purchasing additional packs.

7. Utelogy remote monitoring and virtual control
Utelogy makes a bold move into the future by providing a platform that can work with any product to not only monitor it remotely, but also control it. Replace paying for extensive expensive onsite equipment with a monthly as a service fee. This is worth exploring as it takes service to the next level with conference rooms being controlled and monitored remotely!

6. Crestron Electronics, Inc. – Crestron Flex Tabletop UC Video Conference System
The sleek Crestron Flex MX-150 console is all you need to transform any space into a highly-effective meeting and collaboration space. Crestron Flex MX-150 supports single or dual video displays and it offers the unique flexibility to run native Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms™ software, in addition to BYOD mode.

5. Epson America, Inc. – Epson BrightLink 1485Fi 1080p 3LCD Interactive Laser Display
Epson’s BrightLink® 1485Fi features 100-inch 16:9 or ultra-wide 120-inch 16:9 display options – almost twice the interactive space versus a 75-inch flat panel. Network-ready with wired and wireless connectivity, this virtually maintenance-free laser-powered display offers touch and pen-enabled interactivity and 5,000 lumens of color/white brightness for big, bright, easy-to-read presentations.

4. Samsung Electronics America – Flip 2
Samsung Flip 2 digital interactive display is designed to increase productivity and enable a seamless exchange of ideas through an intuitive user experience. Flip 2 is a powerful tool to meet the collaboration requirements in a variety of industries, enabling users to bring their ideas to life together.

3. Salamander Designs – Large Meeting/Conference Unifi™ Tables
Salamander Designs Unifi Conference™ Tables go beyond being a “standard table” to provide innovative, customizable, antimicrobial, scalable meeting solutions for today’s world and large meeting spaces. Built on an aluminum C-Frame core, tables come in 6 to 16-foot sizes with pedestal base and easy lift off panels to access technology.

2. Crestron Electronics, Inc. – Crestron XiO Cloud™
Crestron XiO Cloud™ is a unifying cloud-based platform for remotely provisioning, monitoring, and managing Crestron devices across an enterprise or an entire client base globally. This revolutionary platform enables organizations to simultaneously configure and deploy an unlimited number of Crestron products, thereby reducing installation time by up to 90%.

1. Multitaction
Multitaction is the highest-end interactive immersive touch technology. Learn more about Multitaction here. It is used in many settings including Universities, Museums, Corporate Lobbies, or any setting you want people to be able to learn.

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t let you know that Ultimate Technologies Group sells almost all technology from InfoComm, including the items on this list. Contact us for info on any of these products.

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