If you’re one of the many that think DV-LED display walls are the best way to achieve a visually stunning hybrid meeting experience, you’d only be half-right.

Over the past few years, projectors have undergone some significant advancements, leaving them as a reliable alternative for large room spaces like:

  • huddle spaces
  • offices
  • sports venues
  • businesses
  • churches

Modern projectors have become more compact, lightweight, and brighter, giving them several advantages in environments with restrictions or limitations to AV capabilities.

This blog will go over why you might want to invest in projectors for your meeting spaces. Read on to learn more!

Projectors as an Alternative

7 Advantages of Projectors

There’s nothing wrong with DV-LED display walls. They produce sharp images and give off vibrant colors. However, for those that are looking for alternatives from the mainstream, some projector advantages include:

Affordability: Investing in AV technology means comparing prices, and projectors are usually a quarter of the price of a similarly sized video wall array or direct-view LED solution. Additionally, projectors use less power when they are being used. Projectors also have longer lifespans and don’t usually require on-site technicians for troubleshooting. Overall, it can cut down your maintenance costs.

Quality: The quality of a projector’s display has only gotten better in recent years too. The resolution is higher and the projection has become brighter and wider. When it comes to projecting graphics onto a large surface, certain video walls may end up with a fragmented appearance, which can be distracting. However, projectors overcome this challenge and provide high-quality, crisp graphics on diverse backgrounds, eliminating the stitched-together effect.

Easy to Use: Digital display walls can often involve a steep learning curve and may require external processing. Projectors, however, offer a user-friendly setup process and seamless operation during meetings or events. They’re equipped with intuitive controls that can be easily operated by anyone, including the latest projector models. Additionally, upgrading an existing projector is a hassle-free task. It can be replaced with a newer model without the need for extensive rewiring or space modifications.

Portable: Certain projectors are designed to be compact, lightweight, and portable. This allows you to conveniently pack them into your briefcase or tote bag and take them with you to offsite meetings. With a swift and simple setup, these projectors can project a bright display onto almost any surface, providing flexibility and convenience in a wide range of settings.

Flexible: If your location is in a historical building, a house of worship, or requires compatibility with existing cabling, installing a digital display wall may not be possible. However, projectors offer a versatile solution with a variety of lens position options and lens-shifting capabilities, enabling easy utilization in almost any environment. Additionally, projectors provide the flexibility to retract the screen when not in use, ensuring a clean and organized space.

Compatible: Projectors seamlessly integrate with the tools and software you already have, including productivity applications and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams. They can also be effortlessly integrated into an existing space, often without the extensive wiring or construction requirements associated with DV-LED displays.

Reliable: If you’re looking for a dependable and low-maintenance solution, projectors are an excellent choice. The majority of projector models require minimal maintenance and can operate virtually maintenance-free for nearly 20000 hours. The only thing that gets changed the most is the projector bulb, but even that is a straightforward process.

Projectors as an Alternative


As you can see, projectors have made significant advancements in recent years, making themselves a reliable alternative for large room spaces like huddle spaces, offices, sports venues, businesses, and churches.

Projectors offer a compelling alternative to DV-LED display walls, combining affordability, quality, ease of use, portability, flexibility, compatibility, and reliability. Consider investing in projectors for your meeting spaces to enhance visual experiences without compromising on functionality or budget.

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