Transform the way you meet with teammates by embracing the Surface Hub® 2S, available from Ultimate Technologies Group.

The appeal of gesture control is obvious. Rather than click buttons or tap tiny screens, you simply move your hands or body naturally as you do during conversations and real-world activities. Ideally, gestures could remove the barriers between you and a computer entirely.

A Whole New World of Teamwork

The feature-rich Surface Hub 2S empowers teams with impressive business benefits. Add the intuitive, multitouch smart board to any conference room to boost productivity.

A Whole New World of Teamwork

The feature-rich Surface Hub 2S empowers teams with impressive business benefits. Add the intuitive, multitouch smart board to any conference room to boost productivity.

Vibrant Displays

The 50.5-inch screen offers 4K+ resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio for vivid picture quality and plenty of workspace.

Enhanced Meetings

The 4K cameras rotate with the device to portrait and landscape modes. And a far-field mic captures crisp audio.

Improved Collaboration

Multiuser sign-in enables simultaneous access to documents and ideas for everyone involved in a meeting.

Re-invent Meetings

Break free from the conference room with the light and slim Surface Hub 2S. Take remote meetings to a whole new level with this modern, mobile and collaborative canvas that brings the computing power of Windows® 10 to teamwork.

With the Surface Hub 2S, you’ll achieve untethered collaboration supported by advanced videoconferencing technology. Meet, move and collaborate without boundaries.

  • Microsoft Teams®
  • Microsoft® Whiteboard
  • Office 365®
  • Windows® 10
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows Enterprise

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