If your current technology is older than four years, chances are that it is already outdated. Ultimate Technologies Group can take your current space and rework all of your technology needs, putting a new level of functionality in the hands of your employees and customers. Here are a few examples of what’s changed over the past four years:

  • Projectors and screens in conference rooms are gradually being replaced with video walls and touch screen collaborative displays.
  • A significant portion of physical servers are now on the cloud.
  • Companies are taking advantage of “green” technology controls for lighting, HVAC and electronic devices.
  • Lights should only be on if there is someone using the room.
  • Window treatments are now motorized and automated to close when the sun is shining in the direction of the shades.
  • Companies have more locations, becoming more and more global. “Soft Codec” video conferencing solutions are more the norm, significantly reducing the cost of this technology.
  • Digital signage is posted throughout offices and manufacturing sites to provide immediate performance feedback and important company messaging.