You walk into a conference room on time but you are worried you still have to set up your computer to share with others on the screen and via video-conference. But this time, you remember this is one of the rooms that has been “re-done” by Ultimate Technologies Group. That means your meeting will start on time because all you have to do is push one button and things happen. You enter the room, push that button on the touch screen and the shades lower, the screens turn on displaying the faces that you expect, your laptop connects wirelessly immediately showing your content, the lights dim and you start your meeting. On time.

Corporations waste billions of dollars annually, accordingly to Harvard University. The average meeting starts fifteen minutes later than scheduled, and the average employee of a corporation has five meetings per day. If a company’s average pay is $70,000 per year, and has 500 employees, that company wastes $4.2 million per year on waiting for meetings to start! According to Harvard, the leading reason for meetings not starting on time is technology.

Let Ultimate Technologies Group help you eliminate this waste and frustration, and replace it with conference room technology with exacting performance. We have your back with audio-visual, information technology and building control technology.