A Message from the President of Ultimate Technologies Group, Will O’Brien:

COVID-19 has certainly created a time of uncertainty for us all. I felt it appropriate to share a brief update on how and what UTG is doing during this season.

Thankfully, we have had no cases of COVID-19 on our team, and there are no plans of laying off anyone because of COVID-19. Most of us are working from home, while the heroes among us, our Technicians, continue to work in the field supporting our customers. When in the field, our Technicians are exercising extreme caution including constant hand washing and sanitation, keeping a safe distance from others and wearing protective masks.

Use of tools like Microsoft Teams has multiplied many times over, causing CIO’s to consider what this means when employees come back to the workplace. I had a conversation with one CIO recently who was asking for help. Before COVID-19, his organization didn’t use a virtual communication tool much – only when they had to. During our conversation, he said, “Employees have fallen in love with Teams and will expect the conference rooms to be equipped with Teams when they come back to work.”

We are helping him to change-over his conference rooms by June 2, when he expects his employees will return to work. Also, we are launching Virtual Connect, featuring Health Connect, Legal Connect and Financial Connect. Each provides a secure collaborative platform for professionals to connect with their “customer.” Each is compliant with the appropriate laws and regulations.

While our offerings and ways we can add value to our customers may change, our people and our dedication to serving our customers and adding value won’t.

Lastly, I thought I would share a video with you of one of many ways that the team is making a positive impact in the face of COVID-19.

Safety, security and prosperity to you all!

President, Ultimate Technologies Group