Smartvue – One Visual Intelligence System to Protect Everything

Ultimate Technologies Group is an exclusive dealer for Smartvue, an enterprise cloud services company protecting millions of people, places and assets worldwide. It delivers end-to-end visual intelligence solutions and is contracted to provide cloud surveillance to some of the world’s largest cable companies, telcos, storage providers, camera manufacturers, and access control companies.

Smartvue is passionate about innovation and leads the industry with more than 25 patents and dozens of awards for its pioneering technologies and services.


Intuitive tools & apps


No servers needed.


Up to 340 TB of storage


Pick From Hundreds of Cameras

Flexible & Scalable Surveillance Solutions

No matter how big or small, Smartvue offers flexible solutions that will grow with your operation. Adding new cameras and servers only takes minutes. Smartvue also offers on-demand cloud storage letting you buy the storage you need, when you need it.

Use Almost Any Camera

Onvif Compatible. Pick from hundreds of cameras. you’re not limited to one camera brand. Choose from hundreds of industry-leading cameras from all the top camera manufacturers. You can even use your existing analog cameras.

Video Surveillance, From Any Device

View and monitor all your cameras remotely from any computer, smart phone or tablet, all on one screen. Login with as many users as you like.

Protect Your People & Assets

Through the power of the cloud, get the most advanced surveillance solutions to keep your facilities safe and secure. Monitor and manage all your locations from one screen, on any device, anywhere in the world.

Protect Your People & Your Assets