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Do you have plans is place for your employees to deal with the Coronavirus?  Remote office locations need to continue to function even if a main office is closed, and employees need a reliable, agile collaboration environment to enable them to work from home.  Below is a check list that will help you know whether or not you are prepared.

Strategy – Do I have a documented technology strategy for how we will respond to the spread of the Coronavirus?

Key Employee Back-up Plan – Do I have a plan in place to quickly replace key staff members if they were to get ill and be out for a period of time?

Stable Communication and Collaboration Software – Do I have a single platform that all my employees are trained to use, can easily access, and the platform is stable (ex. Teams)?

Conference Rooms – Are all my conference rooms set with equipment that integrates with my collaboration software (ex. Teams) in case there was an increased need to use conference rooms for remote collaboration and communication?

Premium Audio Conferencing – Are all my conference rooms equipped with audio conferencing that users don’t complain about the quality of the audio on either end of the line?

High Quality Video Conferencing – Are all my conference rooms equipped with video conferencing that is easy to use, employees are trained on, and users don’t complain about the quality of the video on either end of the line?

Video Communication – Do I have the capability to enable my senior leader of the company to communicate critical messages to all employees at the same time via your Communication and Collaboration software?

If you find that you are not able to check off each of the above seven preparedness questions, you may not be prepared. 

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