Ultimate Technologies Group, a customer-responsive focused company headquartered in Fishers, Indiana, provides nation-wide commercial audio-visual, information technology solutions, and building controls to clients in healthcare, education, houses of worship, and commercial workspaces, whether it be new construction or a much-needed update to reflect today’s workforce.


MEET THE OWNER: Tiffany O’Brien 

Tiffany O’Brien is the Owner and majority shareholder of Ultimate Technologies Group (UTG). O’Brien is responsible for the short- and long-term strategic direction of the company. She is passionate about the positive role that a well-researched and successfully implemented workplace technology plan can have on an organization’s ability to recruit, engage and retain the best talent possible.

O’Brien has spent the majority of her career working for companies including General Mills and Indiana University Health System. She started her career in customer service and sales, and eventually shifted her career path into human resources management.

Gleaned from her years of experience, O’Brien understands the complicated and layered vendor selection and management process. She encourages today’s organizations to balance the focus on cost with other critical attributes such as customer service and responsiveness to the customer’s needs. She has had a major impact on the customer-centric approach upon which UTG is founded, distinguishing it from and ahead of its industry competition.



Will O’Brien is the President of Ultimate Technologies Group (UTG), a company providing complete technology solutions to organizations including information technology services, audio-visual and building controls. O’Brien is the founder of Ultimate Automation, and with the recent acquisition of 33-year-old, Carmel-based (Indiana) Electronic Evolutions in September 2018, the two companies have formed UTG.  O’Brien will oversee the day-to-day operations of UTG and is passionate about removing barriers to performance for individuals and organization through the alignment of technology strategies to the business need.

Prior to starting Ultimate Automation, O’Brien had a successful career as a respected and successful executive for national brands such as General Mills, Phillips, Equifax and Angie’s List. O’Brien has held several roles in his 20-year career from intern to Chief Human Resources officer. He served as a general manager and sales leader before shifting into a human resources role.

O’Brien’s background includes facilities and workplace technology management roles. He understands what it is to be like on the other side of the table and placing trust in a vendor like Ultimate Technologies. His leadership style is both transparent and intentional and employee serving. O’Brien’s years working in human resources shaped his outlook on what makes a successful organization: Focus on recruiting, retaining the best-possible talent and giving them empowerment and ownership of the business.