Cloud storage is far from a new technology, but even with companies devoted to providing quality service, there’s still consideration to have for whether or not you should move your commercial storage to an in-house server or onto the cloud.


Cloud accessibility can be perfect for freelancers, or anyone that has to work on the move, to simply keep moving without worrying about what files they happen to have on hand. Easily, this is the most talked about benefit to using a cloud storage system and is truly one of the most marketable elements to cloud storage, but it isn’t really all that’s up for offer, which moves into the second pro.


To put it simply, you don’t have to worry. Choosing to use cloud storage for your data is choosing to leave the data storage of your business up to somebody that makes data storage their business. They handled the set-up before you even thought of using cloud storage, and they’ll handle the maintenance and upgrade of physical hardware once you’re on board. You don’t have to worry about upgrading capacity, or drive failures, or setting up and maintaining a bulky server. Sadly, this means you’re not just paying for storage, this means you’re paying for a service, and this leads into the one major downside of using the cloud.


Generally, yes, storage can get expensive. In order to meet the level of accessibility and speed a cloud service can provide, you’ll need to invest massive amounts either up-front for a server or incrementally for additional drives. Either way, you won’t be meeting the sheer level of accessibility and hassle-free nature of a cloud service, but you also won’t be paying monthly just to maintain that service. You will, however, have to be the one concerned with troubleshooting, and hardware maintenance.


Security is always a concern for private data, be it a client’s or your own, and the general rule of thumb is to avoid broadcasting it at all. But that doesn’t mean cloud storage is insecure. As stated before, cloud storage is a service, and many of the companies offering it take the privacy of their clients as a high priority. As whenever security is a concern, it’s always worth your diligence as a customer to research a provider before signing on with them.

In all, cloud storage services offer a business grade benefit over on-site solution, with massive capacities on hand, and professional care and maintenance regularly being performed. You don’t have to house a server rack, or worry about which files you’ve stored where, and while it might cost you more in the long run, it also won’t require the lump sum investment that most on-site solutions will, and it won’t bring the burden of managing drives or setting up your own hardware.